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Disarmament: Police recover 49 rifles from bandits, 200 others from Yan Sakai in Zamfara


Sept. 20, 2019

Police in Zamfara state recovered 30 rifles from a bandit notoriously known as Zakui in Lingyado area of Maru local government area of Zamfara state, the state police commissioner Usman Nagogo disclosed on Friday.
The  police boss, while displaying the guns to newsmen, said 49 rifles were collected from the repentant bandits and 200 guns were surrendered by the local vigilante group known as Yan Sakai since the commencement of the disarmament.
He said the number of rifles surrendered was just the beginning of what to expect as disarmament process is ongoing and steady progress is being recorded in the disarmament initiative.
“The disarmament itself is coming after a phenomenal and unprecedented release of hundreds of captives and it equally important to note that the issue of arms goes beyond only perceived bandits but also the local militia groups known as Yan Sakai”
“Both sides have amassed massive weapons for  different reasons. Whereas the bandits were said to have amassed the their weapons mainly for banditry, cattle rustling and the so called defence of Fulani race, the Yan Sakai on the other hands were said to have acquired their weapons to defend their farmlands,” Nagogo said.
He said the surrendering of weapons was as a result of building trust and confidence and that the surrendered weapons were being used to cause havoc, stealing and other forms of crimes in the state.
“The weapons so far received are just the beginning of the disarmament as more are expected in the coming days and part of the weapons constitute the larger percentage of the rifles and pistols and were voluntarily brought by the bandits as a sign of accepting the peace process wholeheartedly,” he added.
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