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Pete Buttigieg: Trump 'Seems Deeply Confused in His Strategy on Iran'


Sept. 20, 2019

Friday on MSNBC’s “Live,” 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg said President Donald Trump seemed “deeply confused” with his strategy on Iran.
Buttigieg said, “What needs to happen is de-escalation, and it won’t be easy. We created a situation that’s more unstable. When the White House pulled out the Iran nuclear deal it set of a domino effect. Now we are living with greater instability. Now the president is fored to choose between no good options and the president puts himself in that situation.”
He added, “The real concern is could there be a misstep that gets this whole thing out of his control. The president seems deeply confused in his strategy on Iran. He was talking about talks with Iran then he denied it was ever on the table. He went so far as to authorize an attack and then he changed his mind the last minute. This is the last place in the world where you can go around not know what you are doing.”
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