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Android TV 10 on track for later this year with new hardware in 2020

Fidelis Aidelomon

Sept. 21, 2019

Though it has not seen the level of adoption of Android’s primary mobile OS, Android TV remains the most popular home media OS and its next update is coming soon, with new hardware a bit later.
Following Android 10’s launch on Google’s Pixels, Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone, and Xiaomi’s Redmi K20 Pro earlier this month we’re now hearing word on when we can expect the system update to start rolling out to Android TV devices, given the spinoff OS’s typically delayed upgrades, and we’re being told it will be out by the end of the year.
Not many user-facing changes are expected in the Android TV update from Pie; just like mobile Android 10, most changes are likely to be minor and under-the-hood.
Google also apparently told attendees of their Android TV presentations at the IBC 2019 conference that a new Android TV development kit, ADT-3, will release alongside the update with new Android TV 10-toting hardware not expected until 2020, perhaps with a new NVIDIA Shield TV.
Google apparently also decreased update requirements for Android TV hardware developers, now only mandating a minimum of two major updates rather than the previous three; undoubtedly lightening load on developers but also lowering consumer standards, unfortunately.
Located in Melbourne, Australia, Oscar has been a tech enthusiast for a decade, though only finally getting his first smartphone with an HTC One M7, and moving to a OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3, and now an Essential Phone. Now studying astrophysics and linguistics, Oscar has become immersed in the evolving phone industry, with a great memory for specs and details, he is always looking to find the greatest value and most innovative phones.
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