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Heartbroken Dog Refuses To Sleep In His Late Pal's Spot A Year After His Death

Cj charming prince

Sept. 21, 2019

She posted two photos to Twitter to explain just why this sight is so darn heartbreaking. Harry has been leaving George's favorite spot on the bed empty, refusing to snooze there himself. Even a year later, this sweet pup still misses his dear friend and can't bear to take his place.
Wynne said she and her family are doing their best to help Harry cope with his grief. Giphy They've showered the pup with plenty of much-needed cuddles, pets, and treats, and though it's proving difficult, she said she knows one day he'll heal from this devastating loss. That's not to say that he'll ever forget his best friend, and these photos only further prove that. "Almost a year on and he clearly still misses George," she said.
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