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How WWE is booking Seth Rollins vs. The Fiend on house shows

Annabel not you in honey land

Sept. 21, 2019

Did you think WWE would save Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt for Hell in a Cell on Oct. 6 in Sacramento?
Nope. They ran it at their house show in Calgary last night (Fri., Sept. 20). And it seems pretty cool, and featured a finish which the Cell stipulation renders moot. How do I know? Because - at least for the moment - the whole thing is online. YOWIE WOWIE!
In the likely event this is taken down, a rundown of what the Western Canadian crowd got:
- A cool custom Firefly FunHouse plays on the ‘tron, where Ramblin’ Rabbit tries to warn Seth before Bray pushes him beneath the table. But Wyatt then agrees with the much-maligned bunny, and tells Rollins The Fiend is about to tear him apart... all while laughing hysterically. It honestly might be the creepiest bit from the whole gimmick to date.
- The Fiend’s entrance is long. Like Undertaker long. He does not have his severed head lantern from SummerSlam, just a regular one.
- Back in the ring, the beatdown continues. Wyatt occasionally acts tormented. At other times he’s enjoying himself and appreciating his work. He takes too long going for Sister Abigail, and that lets Rollins start his comeback with an enziguri.
- That comeback consists of Seth’s usual arsenal of superkicks and dives. It leads to a Stomp that The Fiend gets up from. He evades a second one, latches on the Mandible Claw, and refuses to release it, triggering the disqualification.
- Bray plays to the crowd a bit, and then crawls toward Rollins in the corner. Instead of getting in his face, he signals for Seth to Stomp him again. That happens, The Fiend gets up again, takes a Superkick and then TWO MORE Stomps! He looks to be staying down, so the champ calls for his belt.
- The Architect makes the classic horror movie mistake of checking on the monster, though. The Fiend sits up and locks on the Claw again. The lights go out and a strobe shines on them, and Wyatt holds Seth down until he stops thrashing. Then he leaves in the dark while his laughter plays on a loop over the loud speakers.
- After about a minute, the lights come back up and the referee is checking on Rollins. His music plays and he leaves, selling the attack and looking around, shaken, worried The Fiend might still be around.
Again, if/when WWE gets that video yanked, Alex , the Twitter account I embedded that GIF from has more still photos, as does DaveMurYYC (which is where the main image above is from). I also found these on Instagram.
More or less excited for HiaC now? Does this tell you anything about how that will go? Or how WWE will present Bray going forward?
You don’t need us to let you in to the comments for you to tell us your thoughts below, Fireflys.
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