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Liverpool midfielder Oxlade-Chamberlain: Selfish Salah? He can do what he wants!


Sept. 21, 2019

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has jumped to the defence of Liverpool teammate Mohamed Salah .
Oxlade-Chamberlain has added his thoughts to the Sadio Mane - Mohamed Salah passing debate - and insisted his Egyptian teammate "isn't selfish".
He has explained that the Liverpool players would rather Salah not pass the ball.
When asked to finish the sentence: " Mohamed Salah isn't selfish because...,"
Oxlade-Chamberlain joked: "Isn't selfish? Are you winding me up?
"No, Mo Salah isn't selfish because he's a goal scorer. He's gotta do that.
"We can't expect him to pass us the ball all the time and him to score loads of goals. The way he plays wins us games, so he's got to do what he's got to do.
"He scores, we win the game. I'm happy. Mo, do what you want!"
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