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From Baggy To Swaggy: How Messi’s Fashion Changed Over The Years

Solomon M Z Dennis

Oct. 04, 2019

He is best known for his genius on the field, where week after week he manages to entertain his adoring fans.
However, it was in the fashion department where FC Barcelona captain Lionel Messi needed work.
The Argentine has come a long way from his baggy outfits that were straight out of a 2000s teen movie.
These days he is more chiseled, sports an impressive beard and even has a swagger about himself. His dress sense has tremendously improved and instead of dressing like a nerd, Messi has moved with the times.
Not that he minds though. He has for all his prowess, always been camera-shy. He avoids the limelight at all costs and prefers the company of his wife, family and close friends.
Take a look at Messi’s fashion evolution over the years
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