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This Is The World's Happiest Hedgehog, Herbee, And 1.5 Million Instagram Followers Adore Him


Oct. 04, 2019

Some days all you need is a happy, squishy hedgehog and if these adorable vampy smiles don't warm your heart or at least brighten your day, I don't know what will. Add a dog and a cat to the mix and it becomes just too cute to handle. Precious moments that capture the honest friendship between animals and their hoomans are what makes the internet a place we don't even mind wasting our time on. This goes into one Instagram account that is is all about bringing happiness and cuteness overload. And it all started with Mr. Pokee. A ridiculously photogenic pocket-sized hedgehog who was on a mission to put smiles on people's faces while going on his exciting daily adventures.
Let's play a game: count how many times you think or say "aww" when scrolling through this delightful gallery and comment down below!
More info: Instagram | mrpokee.com | Facebook
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