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Nigerians React To Photo Of Muslim Students In Hijab


Oct. 07, 2019

The controversy surrounding Hijab does not seem like it will come to an end anytime soon.
Recall that we reported that a female student at the University of Ibadan International School, Miss Ikhlass Olasubomi Badiru was suspended by the school’s authorities for reportedly wearing a Hijab to school in July.
In a suspension letter signed by the Principal of the school Phoebean Olowe on Monday, 30th September 2019, the student was told that the two weeks suspension takes effect from 7th till 18th October 2019.
Badiru was reportedly given the punishment after the disciplinary committee found her guilty of an act of impudence to the school authority.
 While many reacted that it was against her rights, Many say that having females cover as seen in the picture is against their human rights.
Grace Okoye wrote, If the photo below doesn't break your heart with the knowledge that those "masquerades" are actually human, then you are either not a human, or you are in support of those men who imposed that on women!!!
Or out of your selfishness and lack of compassion just don't care!!!
They are school children forced to dress like that just because they are girls with vaginas, not boys with penises!!!😡
I get VERY ANGRY thinking about cruelty!!!😡 All in the name of men controlling women's genitals!!!😡😡😡 #Pathetic😢
Thank God for freedom.
Nicole Ansumana says, This is so horrific. How can these poor children study? How can they do anything you can’t even identify them or see their expression? This makes me so mad this is just plain evil.
It makes no sense what so ever they are making these girls invisible? Why? Why? Why? How can we continue to allow this????
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