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Sarah Elderkin: The woman who defended Raila from Miguna's criticism


Oct. 07, 2019

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was attacked by his former aide Dr Miguna Miguna in a book titled, 'Peeling Back the Mask'.
Fortunately for the opposition leader, there was a lady ready to deal with Miguna in writing. Sarah Elderkin, a veteran journalist, resorted to counter the Canadian-based lawyer's remarks via various print media.
In one of her efforts to defend Mr Odinga, Daily Nation published her article titled, ' Peel back the mask Miguna wears, and get a man with delusions of grandeur '. She alleged that Miguna cannot keep secrets and questioned his morality.
"Many of us, including Raila Odinga – the object of Miguna’s poisonous wrath, have tried hard to save Miguna in the past. Ultimately, in the Prime Minister’s office, it became impossible to keep Miguna and to protect him from himself," she wrote in the article.
Sarah Elderkin claimed that Miguna is his own enemy despite being extremely intelligent. She mentioned cases she believes demonstrate how the vocal lawyer is ever ready to fight back due to inner turmoil.
"Miguna is a man of wild extremes. His actions have nothing at all to do with Raila Odinga. They have everything to do with Miguna Miguna, his lack of balance, and his distorted sense of self," she stated.
After a series of attacks, Miguna said he was not willing to respond to Sarah despite having several emails from her confirming corruption in the prime minister’s office.
“I don’t have the time, interest or the intention of arguing with Sarah over a book she has clearly not read. She answers herself at pages 496-498 of my book as well as in her article, “Keep It Real and Keep It Balanced” published in the May 19, 2011 issue of the Star newspaper in which she corroborated each and every claim I have made in Peeling Back the Mask," Miguna told the Standard .
Sarah is the brains behind, Raila Odinga: the flame of freedom , The passing of a hero: Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Special tribute: a life to cherish: Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and The flame of freedom publications.
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