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Bodies of Mariam & Amanda Have Not Been Found - Gov't


Oct. 09, 2019

The bodies of Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu have not yet be retrieved.
Government Spokesman, Cyrus Oguna said that divers from the Kenya Navy had only cited the vehicle but not the bodies.
Oguna said that the Kenya Navy divers located two possible positions of Kighenda’s Toyota Isis in the Likoni Ferry channel, which offered a glimmer of hope.
Not Certain
“ We cannot confirm with certainty that the vehicle is among the objects located at the two spots ,” said Oguna.
“ However, we are hopeful that by end of Wednesday or early Thursday, we would have verified what those objects are ,” he added.
The sites had been identified by an echo sounder, an instrument used to determine the depth of water and detect objects in the sea.
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