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Democrats promise a 'new Virginia' if they take the legislature, one most Virginians support


Oct. 11, 2019

With the 2020 cycle kicking off this November in state elections all over the country, the one in Virginia might be the harbinger for next November. Democrats there are promising a "new Virginia" that would usher in progress on their priorities. Among them are issues that a Washington Post-Scar School survey in the state finds majority support for, including gun control, the Equal Rights Amendment, and a higher minimum wage.
Right now, Republicans hold a 20-19 edge in the Senate and hold the House of Delegates by 51-48. There's one vacancy currently in each chamber. And Democrats are favored by voters this fall 49-42, according to the Post poll. Voters who are "certain" they will vote in November give Democrats a 52-41 edge, and the registered voter universe say Democrats taking over the legislature is a "good thing," 48-42.
On some key issues, Democrats get strong support. About two-thirds of voters want to see the minimum wage doubled, from $7.25 an hour to $15, as Democrats have championed. More than 80 percent want the state to be the 38th to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. There's also majority support for every potential gun safety measure: 88 percent support universal background checks; 82 percent favor red flag laws allowing gun confiscation; 58 percent favor limiting handgun purchases to one per month; 57 percent support a ban on assault weapon sales; and 56 percent a ban on high-capacity ammunition clip sales.
Overall, 75 percent list gun policy at the top of their most important issues for this election. Which is one of the reasons the NRA is investing record amounts in the state's Republicans.
On the issue, Democrats should have this. If they get it, it will put the fear of voters into all Republicans. That's worth some investment.
Give now to beat the NRA and turn Virginia blue!
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