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'Don't make me cry now': Kane Williamson takes to Oxford stage to recount heartbreaking Cricket World Cup loss

Babangida Umar

Oct. 11, 2019

Kane Williamson spilled the secret of his unwavering calm. Credit: Photosport
It’s been three months since the Blackcaps’ heartbreaking Cricket World Cup loss, and captain Kane Williamson has finally returned to the country where it happened.
Cricket World Cup: England beat Blackcaps in thrilling final at Lord's
Williamson was invited to spill the secret of his unwavering calm and level-headedness.
And he began speaking in his typically modest and humble style.
"When I got the invitation, I questioned whether they had the right person," he said.
They had, and they all wanted to know about that Cricket World Cup final
"We come to the end of the game and go 'what the... what just happened?' But the common theme was how much people enjoyed the match and were still scratching their heads at who won and who lost and who tied," he told the crowd.
The stage he spoke from has hosted many of the world’s rich, powerful, famous and infamous in its time - from US President Ronald Reagan and Mother Theresa to Kermit the Frog, Shakira, Gangnam Style’s Psy, and model Pamela Anderson. Even Michael Jackson has spoken there, so too has OJ Simpson after being acquited of double murder.
"They've had so many influential people over the years and it's such a prestigious thing to get the opportunity to do, so I'm humbled by the experience," Williamson said.
It’s also a stage responsible for one of New Zealand’s most famous phrases. It's where former Prime Minister David Lange spoke his famous anti-nuclear line: "If you hold your breath for just a moment...I can smell the uranium on it as you lean towards me".
The only thing on Williamson’s breath, though, was how he overcame losing - but not losing - the World Cup final.
"Hopefully there's a bit of a lasting effect, not emotionally for our side - hopefully we can get over that," he laughed.
"You had two choices really: laugh or cry. I'm glad I didn't cry. Don't make me cry now. I'm fairly sure there won't be a game of cricket ever again decided like that."
Williamson - just as gripping on the stage as he is on the cricket pitch.
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