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"It's important that Barcelona punish Dembele"


Oct. 11, 2019

Barcelona legend Rivaldo considers that it's important that Barcelona punish their players in similar situations as that of Dembele, after his comment directed to the referee.
The Brazilian Rivaldo, a living legend at Barcelona , wanted to speak, in some declarations collected by the newspaper 'AS', about the current Barcelona situation and about football in general.
He wanted to start by speaking about Dembele 's situation at the club: "I think that it's important that the club take some internal measures to sanction their players in these silly situations, when they speak to the referee or the coach in an appropriate way, for example."
He also added: "and when I say this, I am not only referring to Dembele , but also to whichever players commit similar acts. A footballer must be intelligent, thinking that there are more matches than you are playing, and that you can't leave your team-mates and the coach in such a complicated situation."
"Very bad..." the image captions.
Moreover, he also had time to comment on Victor Valdes brisque exit : " "It is important that the club has in its structure players like Valdes, Puyol or Xavi who grew up within the club and have developed almost all their career in Barcelona. In this way they can transmit the values and culture of Barcelona".
"Fortunately the club still has idols such as Kluivert and Abidal, for example. And before we have already seen people like Gabri, Gerard, Luis Enrique or Guardiola. .. and many others. So at FC Barcelona there's always room for legends . That's important for the club and for the players. It's the heritage of the institution," he added on the subject.
Commenting on Rakitic's downturn after De Jong's arrival, he explained: "When the team works and starts to perform, it's very difficult for the coach to change players. They tend to keep the same team and that forces some players to spend more time than normal on the bench through no fault of their own. That's the only reason I find that I'm playing fewer minutes now. But I'm convinced that he'll be back soon and that his experience will be important on the pitch".
Finally, he offered his opinion on Sergio Ramos' decision to want to be in the Olympic Games: "Wanting to be part of a Games is a nice attitude for a player who has played so many important matches in his career. He should enjoy the Olympic experience with a young Spain and not have to deal with too much pressure".
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