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411’s Impact Wrestling Report: 10.11.19


Oct. 12, 2019

Hey everyone, welcome to 411mania’s LIVE coverage of Impact Wrestling. I’m Robert Winfree, holding down the fort while Impact prepares to move to AXS TV in a couple of weeks. Currently announced for this episode, Tessa Blanchard and Daga will battle Jake Crist and Mad Man Fulton to continue that build, Moose vs. Stephan Bonnar, Havok challenges Knockouts champion Taya Valkyrie for the title though I fully expect Su Yung related shenanigans, and Eddie Edwards battles Ace Austin in the next qualifier match for the X-Division Title Ladder match at Bound For Glory.
We open with the standard recap, this time focusing more on Callihan and Cage’s interactions. We head straight into action.
Match #1 – X-Division Qualifier Match: Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards
They start throwing blows early and Edwards lands headbutts. Austin with body kicks, Edwards avoids a rush and once Austin hits the outside Edwards dives onto him. Chops now from Edwards, Austin with kicks to take over. There’s a couple of female “fans” ringside that Austin keeps interacting with. Edwards catches Austin and crotches him on the outside then hits a back rake and more chops. Austin back into the ring, he lands kicks and forearms to take over in the corner. Edwards lands chops to take over and now it’s Austin’s turn to take offense. Back to the outside and Edwards lands more chops. Austin grabs something from commentary and smacks Edwards with it then lands a kick and returns to the ring. Edwards back into the ring, Austin with a second rope frog splash for a two count. Kicks from Austin now, he trash talks Edwards in the corner. Edwards comes out of the corner with a big clothesline, now Kobashi style chops as Austin is caught in the corner. Edwards climbs the ropes, Austin lands a kick then a forearm before climbing up after him. Austin takes too long though and Edwards slips out then crotches him on the top rope. Edwards back up, super back suplex connects and both men are down. Reno Scum head down to the ringside area. That distraction allows Austin to take the legs from under Edwards, lands a kick but still only gets a 2 count. More kicks from Austin, Edwards cuts him off with a blue thunder bomb for a 2 count. Austin counters a Boston Knee Party with a wheel kick but still only gets 2. Austin looks for a top rope move but Edwards avoids it, hits the Boston Knee Party and then Reno Scum pull the ref out. Edwards dives onto the both of them, the ref seems like he’ll let that slide and isn’t calling the match a DQ. Edwards goes to commentary and finds Kenny the kendo stick, which he uses to take out Reno Scum, but Austin hits a running blockbuster but Austin’s finisher only gets 2. Austin loads up his wrist brace with metal behind the refs back, hits a back fist and gets the pin.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Ace Austin defeated Eddie Edwards via pinfall
Post match Reno Scum hit the super curb stomp on Edwards then stand tall to send us to break.
Back from break Rosemary shows up while Taya Valkyrie is hanging out by her “cave”. Valkyrie complains about having to fight Havok tonight, Rosemary doesn’t care and walks off.
Gama Singh is back in the ring to introduce Mahabali Shera and the Desi Hit Squad for their match and sends us to break before action starts.
Match #2 – Trios Match: The Desi Hit Squad (Mahabali Shera, Raj Singh, Rohit Raju w/ Gama Singh) vs. The Rascalz (Trey, Dez, Wentz)
OFFICIAL RESULT: The Desi Hit Squad defeated The Rascalz via pinfall
In the back Jordynne Grace is mistaken for a valet by her opponent tonight Katie Forbes, they trade barbs then we go to break.
Back from break and straight into the Knockouts title match.
Match #3 – Knockouts Title Match: Havok w/ James Mitchell vs. (c) Taya Valkyrie w/ Jon E. Bravo
Before the match gets underway Tenille Dashwood comes out to join commentary. Havok screams and Valkyrie tries to escape but she can’t and eats a forearm. Havok tosses Valkyrie across the ring and hits an avalanche in the corner then a running couple of boot scrapes to the face. Valkyrie kicks out at 2, Havok then hits her with a back breaker. More forearms from Havok, Valkyrie avoids a rush in the corner then hits a running knee strike. Valkyrie lands stomps as Havok gets to the corner, then hits some running double knees but the cover only gets a 1 count. Havok avoids a clothesline and hits a series of kicks that drop Valkyrie. Another back breaker from Havok, this time she keeps Valkyrie bowed over the knee, picks her up and hits another one. Havok slams Valkyrie into the corner, puts her on the top rope and looks to follow her up. Valkyrie slips off and trips up Havok, climbs back up and hits a double stomp to the elevated Havok. Valkyrie goes for another cover but only gets a 2 count. Valkyrie tries the Road to Valhalla but can’t get Havok up, Havok clotheslines her then hits a chokeslam but Bravo pulls out the ref and hits him that will get the DQ.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Havok defeated Taya Valkyrie via Disqualification
Mitchell distracts Bravo, Havok slams him into the ring and lays into him before hitting a big boot. Havok hits him with a chokeslam. Valkyrie back in the ring with the title belt and hits Havok with it to stand tall. Dashwood jumps into the ring, avoids a belt shot and kicks the belt into Valkyrie’s face. Running cross body in the corner from Dashwood and Valkyrie powders while holding the title belt.
In the back there’s a video from oVe. Sami Callihan says he’s offended by Brian Cage attacking a fan last week and says Cage should be ashamed of himself. Callihan blames Cage for everything, calls him an animal, then says that since Cage is still in jail oVe will finally deal with Tessa Blanchard once and for all tonight.
Back from break with The North, who are questioned about what happened to Konan. They joke about the age of Konan then Rich Swann and Willie Mack show up and promise to win the tag team titles. Page says they beat him and someone else, not The North. Alexander says they earned their shot, but RVD and Rhino skipped the line. Rhino and RVD show up, saying they’ve been in line longer than Swann has been alive. Swann jokes a bit about how old they are, Rhino and RVD take exception, and The North head out off screen. Not the best promo.
Match #4: Moose w/Frank Triggvs. Stephan Bonnar
OFFICIAL RESULT: Stephan Bonnar defeated Moose via Disqualification
Back from break, and straight into action.
Match #5: Katie Forbes vs. Jordynne Grace
A lock up to start, Forbes gets a headlock take down, Grace with a head scissors escape. Forbes escapes the head scissors and they resume trading holds. Grace gets a wrist lock, they trade wrist lock escapes then Grace gets a crucifix attempt for a one count. Another tie up, Grace gets the headlock this time then a shoulder tackle. Forbes runs into a back elbow then a kick, and Grace hits a drop kick from the second rope. Forbes complains that Grace pulled her hair, but cuts off a dive attempt with an elbow strike. Grace is tossed into the corner, Forbes with some chokes then drives her shoulder into the abdomen of Grace. Handspring back elbow from Forbes, she sets for a stink face, Grace grabs her trunks with a wedgie and then tosses Forbes shoulder first into the ring post. Running knees from Grace then an elbow in the corner. Vader bomb from Grace but Forbes kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Grace with strikes, sets Forbes on the top rope but Forbes fights out and hits a tornado DDT for a 2 count. Forbes gets Grace on her shoulders, does the squat with her, Grace gets free, hits the Grace Driver, and gets the pin.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Jordynne Grace defeated Katie Forbes via pinfall
That was, well, something. We’ll head to break.
Johnny Swinger is in the back with Katie Forbes after her match. Swinger says she should show more skin, he wants to show her more tips and Banks asks if he knows she’s dating RVD. He asks if the two of them swing, Banks walks off disgusted. Jordynne Grace walks back and violently shoves him to the ground without exchanging words then walks off.
Tessa Blanchard is preparing in the back, Daga comes up to thank her for her help the other day but says he can fight his own battles. Blanchard says oVe is her battle and has been for six months, she says they’re partners tonight so she’ll have his back but at Bound For Glory they’ll both be fighting their own battles.
Back from break and Fallah Bahh is with TJP. TJP has a bunch of doughnuts, he says those are for himself as Bahh has more work to do. Bahh wants a break from push ups and squats, but continues with some encouragement. TJP tries to hype him up for his match next week with Michael Elgin, Bahh responds with an emphatic “Bahh”.
We get intros and entrances for the main event but head to break before the match gets going.
Match #6 – Tag Team Match: oVe (Jake Crist and Mad Man Fulton) w/ Dave Crist vs. Tessa Blanchard and Daga
To get the match started Daga and Crist square up. They shove each other, escalate to slaps and kicks then start trading wrist lock escapes. Daga tags in Blanchard, Crist motions her on but then tags in Fulton. Blanchard avoids a blow and tries a rear waist lock but the size difference is playing a big role. Fulton tries the choke slam, Blanchard escapes and hits Crist on the apron. Fulton tries to take it to her, she dives onto both of the Crist brothers. Daga blind tags on a ropes sequence, Fulton grabs Blanchard in a bear hug but Daga is in to make the save. The double team Fulton a bit, he winds up on the outside. Daga tries to dive but Fulton catches him out of mid air, drives him into the ring post and then hits a reverse hangmans move on the bottom rope. Dave Crist gets involved a bit behind the refs back as oVe beats up Daga before sending him into the ring. Fulton with a big slam to Daga. Daga tries to fight to his feet, he swings but Fulton wont let go. Dave Crist out to distract Blanchard, she chases him and so misses the chance to tag Daga. Fulton catches a hurricanra attempt, near powerbomb but Daga escapes and hits a cutter then they both tag out. Blanchard runs wild on everyone, hits a tilt a whirl DDT on Crist but Fulton breaks up the pin attempt. Daga and Blanchard with kicks to Fulton then Blanchard takes him over the top rope with a hurricanrana. Daga then hits a dive on to Fulton, Blanchard hits Jake Crist with magnum and gets the pin.
OFFICIAL RESULT: Tessa Blanchard and Daga defeated oVe via pinfall
Fulton back in the ring and attacks both of them post match. Chokeslam to Daga, then Fulton hits Corbin’s Deep Six to Blanchard to stand tall. We get some video from the back, Brian Cage arrives and starts tearing through the back looking for Callihan. Cage hears that oVe is in the ring and storms out. Cage with clotheslines to oVe, and hits Fulton with an F5 while staring at Dave Crist. Callihan then runs in with a chair and hits Cage but Cage no sells it. Cage starts choking out Callihan but the rest of oVe show up and the numbers catch up to Cage. Callihan with a low blow, then another one. They cuff Cage to the ropes, Callihan gets his baseball bat, Cage eggs him on then Melissa Santos runs in before he can strike. They all argue, Callihan orders oVe to leave, changes his mind and grabs Santos then kills her with the Cactus piledriver. Commentary sells this as the worst thing they’ve ever seen, a few words got bleeped out. Cage loses his mind in the ropes, oVe poses and the show ends.
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