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Chris Evans Narrates Everything That Rema Told Him About Ex-boyfriend Kenzo

Omolola Mary Aminu

Oct. 12, 2019

Crooner Chris Evans Kawesi  has let the cat out of the bag, revealing how Rema told him the heart wrecking situation she was going through while still at Eddy Kenzo’s Seguku home.
Evans claims that he and Rema had gone to perform in diaspora and while there, the visibly determined Siri Muyembe singer exploded and narrated to him that she had fallen for another man who was set to introduce her.
She told him that they had broken up with Eddy Kenzo long time ago and no one was willing to back down.
Below is Chris Evans’ letter about Rema and Kenzo:
“ I’m among the few people who got a chance to know the actual reasons behind the Rema Kenzo break up .
While we had gone for a show in one of the outside countries, Rema was like “But Evans, I think it’s time for u to marry a woman and settle. Am also introducing my Man soon”
Then I was like “Eeeh!! bambi congs to u and my friend Kenzo”, then she was like ” Waa… ebya Kenzo byaggwa dda….”
She then started outlining her reasons one by one until she started crying profusely, so her friend asked me to give her some space.
It’s so funny that personally I looked at all her reasons as not too serious to break their relationship kumbe according to her they were so serious and she couldn’t hold it anymore.
I hoped that later Rema w’d change her mind naye Eeeh!! From today ntegedde nti ebitta omukwano” he concluded.
Enock Mugabi aka Eye Witness is a Journalist, Seasoned Writer and Music Analyst with a passion for sports. Connect with him on social media using the links below in bio.
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