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Damian Wayne Wants to Join Another DC Super-Team


Oct. 12, 2019

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Superman #16 by Brian Michael Bendis, David Lafuente, Paul Mounts and Dave Sharpe, in stores now.
Ever since Jon Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, came into his superpowers, he struck up a legendary friendship with Damian Wayne , the son of Batman. As the Super Sons, the duo of teen heroes went on plenty of crime-fighting adventures together. However, all of that stopped when Jon left Earth to travel through the cosmos with his grandfather Jor-El.
Now, Jon is back, but big changes have taken place: after being time-displaced for years, he’s now much older than Damian, and he’s just gotten an offer to join the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st century. But before making any final decisions, the now teenage Jon Kent flies back to Earth to have an old-fashioned team-up with his best pal in Superman #16. And as the Super Sons are reunited once more, the typically lone wolf Damian reveals to Jon that he, for one, would love nothing more than to join the Legion of Super-Heroes.
When Jon Kent joins up with his fellow Super Son, Damian is obviously taken aback by his friend’s rapid aging. But that doesn’t derail them for long, and the two of them are back fighting side-by-side in no time. As Superboy and Robin take out some bad guys, Jon reveals his situation with the Legion of Super-Heroes, who are still awaiting an answer.
But the real surprise arrives when Damian, upon hearing who the Legion of Super-Heroes are and what they stand for, reveals that, were he in Jon’s place, he wouldn’t hesitate for a second to leave everything behind to travel to the future and fight alongside them. As a matter of fact, he says he wouldn’t even say goodbye to anyone — he’d just leave as soon as possible. The revelation is actually surprising, considering that Damian isn’t much of a team player. The young Robin has always been more of a solo act, even if he fights alongside the Bat-family... and even if he founded a new version of the Teen Titans. Damian understands the need for a team, but he doesn’t exactly play well with others.
And that’s why it’s surprising to hear him say he’d be more than willing to join another team — one where he wouldn’t be in a position of a leadership to boss people around.
Not only does Robin encourage Superboy to accept the Legion’s invitation, he even asks his friend to put in a good word for him with the Legion since they don’t have any Bat-themed heroes on their roster. And, as it turns out, Damian will get his wish — well, at least partially. In fact, in a recent interview, Legion of Super-Heroes writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed the young Robin will team-up with the super-team from the future in a tale that involves time-travel . However, just how that may come to pass, or when, remains to be seen.
Superman #17 hits shelves November 13.
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