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The Red Mamba And A Dude Who Averaged 5 Points Per Game Weigh In On Kevin Durant's Offensive Legacy


Oct. 12, 2019

Former NBA champions Kendrick Perkins and Brian Scalabrine discussed Kevin Durant ’s standing in NBA history as an offensive player.
Scalabrine initially said that Durant is the best offensive player of our generation. Perk, however, turned it up a notch and argued that KD is the most gifted scorer in the history of the NBA. Perkins talked about how Durant can literally score from anywhere on the floor in a variety of ways, and do so with such efficiency..
The Red Mamba couldn’t even disagree as he just nodded away as Perkins made his case. Listen to as snippet of their conversation below, via RADIO.COM Sports :
The more Perk talks KD up, the more he’s making sense.
He’s not lying though. There’s literally no flaw in Durant’s offensive game. The man can pretty much score whenever he wants to on the floor
With all-time great scorers like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, there was always something you can point out as a lacking part of their game.
For Kobe, he wasn’t the most efficient scorer out there. Bryant shot just 44.7 percent for his career and he never shot higher than 47 percent from the field in any season. Compare his percentages with Durant, who has shot over 50 percent from the field since the  2012-13 season and is a career 49.3 percent shooter from the field and 38.1 percent from three.
For MJ, he was never known as knock down marksman from beyond the arc. Jordan didn’t take too many long-range shots during his time (it probably has something to do with the era he played in, too). Likewise, he didn’t connect on his threes at a particularly efficient clip as shot just 32 percent for his career.
Durant, on the one hand, is as buttery as they come from downtown and, despite being nearly 7-feet tall, can pull up from 30.
Obviously, this wasn’t meant as a knock on Bryant or Jordan (or other all-time great scorers for that matter) in terms of their standing as two of the deadliest and most creative scoring machines in the history of the game.
KD is just that damn good.
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