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Trump aides are balking at defending president because they don’t want to have to lawyer up later: ex-White House official

Nate Nathan

Oct. 12, 2019

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday morning, former White House official Ben Rhodes said the Donald Trump White House has yet to set up a war room to push back at increasing calls for the president’s impeachment because aides have no idea had bad it is going to get and they are afraid of being caught up in the growing scandals leading to the House proceedings.
Speaking with host David Gura, Rhodes –who worked in former President Barack Obama’s communications shop — said the White House is still reeling from Democrats going forward with their impeachment inquiry.
“Look, you usually have a formal war room that’s about getting information to the media, the Congress,” Rhodes began. “But usually, that would be about making your case because you think somehow the facts are on your side and the problem here is that the facts are just staring everybody in the face.”
“Here’s another thing,” he continued. “These people are all on the hook. They’re going to end up with legal fees, hauled in front of Congress.”
“What happens when people realize ‘Do I want to go down with this ship? Going to jail, do I want to end up like that?'” he added. “Part of the reason why Trump is defending himself is because, frankly, there may be costs to enabling this kind of criminal behavior.”
Watch below:
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