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Spooky Airbnb homes you can rent this Halloween including one that’s ‘haunted by a headless woman’


Oct. 13, 2019

AS HALLOWEEN approaches, fans of the supernatural can make the most of the season with a scary getaway.
We've rounded up a number of spooky homes you can stay in this year - starting from just £16 per person per night.
The stories behind these Airbnb rentals range from a headless woman to the ghost of an Edwardian child.
Sightings include music boxes playing by themselves and footsteps being heard in the empty house.
From the UK to the US, you can spend a night in the haunted properties - if you're brave enough...
Cisco Post Office, Utah - £24.50 per person per night
Over 30 miles away from civilisation is Cisco, once one of the richest towns in the US.
It's now a ghost town, with almost no-one living there, making a stay in the abandoned post office particularly eerie.
Stories suggest Charles Steen, who lost his fortune following the declining need for uranium, still haunts his home in Cisco.
The Stroud House, North Carolina - £16 per person per night
The house, built in the 1940s, was once home to Reverand Stroud and is now owned by by his grandson, David.
The owner has warned of suspicious events over the years, which include lights turning on by themselves or music boxes suddenly playing out loud.
If you don't mind seeing shadowy figures or hearing footsteps at night, you can even be given a haunted house tour.
The Enslin Mansion, New York - £32 per person per night
The Enslin Mansion is supposedly home to a number of ghosts, with the house having featured on TV show Paranormal Investigations.
The house has been home to six generations, with spooky sightings and tricks along the way.
One guest even said they found their house keys and car keys being moved by the "residence haunt".
The Haunted Chamber Apartment, York - £60 per person per night
Dubbed the "Most Haunted Property in the UK", the Haunted Chamber in York has creepy tales dating back 600 years.
The wood-panelled room is nerve-wrackingly quiet, and overlooks a local church.
The Madness Chamber has even witnessed a headless woman floating around, according to some guests.
The Manor Master Chamber, Minnesota - £31 per person per night
It is believed that a young woman called Rosalia Fihn died of typhoid fever on the property , who now haunts the grounds.
Previous sightings have included seeing a girl in a white dress, while guests say they feel a weird energy near her old wardrobe.
Guests of the house, built in 1883, might feel safer to know it is also home to a friendly Doberman dog called Scorch.
The Haunted Bedroom, Essex - £62.50 per person per night
Situated at Tallinston House, the creepy bedroom replicates a seven-year-old Edwardian child's bedroom.
It is thought that the child died there in mysterious circumstances, leading to the boy haunting the room.
If you can't quite face staying there, the owners also offer tours of the area for less than £20.
Haunted house owners record 'mystery screams' so scary they've abandoned their property
You can stay in the most haunted prison in the UK , with a night in the cells available for guests.
One of the most haunted hotels in the US has also just opened for business - with Room 311 home to the ghost of a murdered prostitute.
We've rounded up other spooky spots you can visit in the UK,
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