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What The Garlic is Up with These Smartphone Colour Names!

Frashia Wangari

Oct. 13, 2019

Now, all we need is for someone to come up with Chilli Red and Soya Black colour variants, so that we truly have all the ingredients for a Chinese concoction.
Realme has launched a new smartphone, called the Realme X. That’s great, because the phone comes with all the bells and whistles of a new generation device. However, it has something that pretty much no other smartphone has managed so far — finding inspiration from onions and garlics to create colour editions that are literally called Realme X Onion Edition and Garlic Edition.
It is a well-established fact that the Chinese cuisine is a stickler for light fried onion and pickled garlic, stirred up with some chilli and soya to make the perfect base for stir fried noodles. I’m no chef, but I’ve had enough Chinese to know this. In fact, this has raised a bit of a storm in our newsroom, for we cannot fathom why nobody has thought of taking inspiration from all the food in the world to create colour variants.
Not convinced? We have two variants ready to serve as proof of concept — Chilli Red and Soya Black. Maybe Wasabi Green as well.
Our arguments are well grounded in reason — food is something that we all love (a lot). It is very close to our hearts, and each one of us have our preferences. Chances are, if Samsung launched a ‘Salmon Pink’ version of its smartphones instead of ‘Bubblegum Pink’, one of might just have ended up buying it, out of our sheer love for salmon skin roll every weekend. We are all adults, you see?
The same applies for Supernova Red finishes — all that OEMs needed to do was launch Chilli Red (for spice freaks) or Sundried Tomato Red (for light-hearted kids), and brands would strike an instant chord with their fans. We all get the metaphor of reaching for the stars with Supernova Red and Nebula Blue, but hey, if you’re gonna strike relatability by fusing phones with seemingly random things from the universe, do it right.
You see, for the longest time, smartphone names have always been rather functional, meant to simply convey instead of create an impression. Back then, we lived in a world with longer attention spans, less influence of lifestyle factors, and mobile phones had far higher disparity in terms of core usability. As a result, we were more concerned about how lag-ridden the phones were, instead of bothering about which exact shade of the night sky’s wavelengths does the phone’s rear gradient panel reflect.
However, all that has changed now. Even for as less as Rs 10,000, you can get a smartphone that performs fairly well, would run most apps, has two cameras, the whole nine yards. Naturally, the onus has fallen upon other factors to create a difference and make an impression upon the user. Hence, the likes of Twilight, Frost White, Breathing Crystal and Thunder Purple came into being, in a bid to make the seemingly mundane devices catch a breath of fresh air.
We get the reasoning behind these names coming into being, but there’s no denying that Onion and Garlic editions are absolutely hilarious.
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