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Will Labour betray Brexit? Marr stunned by Corbyn ally's last-ditch plot to thwart Boris

Kyei Gideon

Oct. 13, 2019

A CLOSE Corbyn ally has come out in shock support of a second referendum, before unveiling a plan that would scupper Boris Jonhon's plan to leave the EU at the end of October.
Rebecca Long-Bailey stunned Andrew Marr when she admitted that “the only option left” was to have a second referendum . The close Corbyn cabinet ally suggested that Labour could attach a referendum to any deal that the Prime Minister brings back, as a way to scupper Boris Johnson's plan to leave the EU at the end of October. The last-ditch attempt prompted delight among Remainers online, who hailed the dramatic shift on Brexit policy as a “significant move” towards overturning the original vote.
Speaking to Andrew Marr, the Labour shadow cabinet minister said: “There needs to be an examination of the parliamentary arithmetic, on whether there is enough support to add an amendment for a referendum.”
Marr pressed Ms Long-Bailey on her support for a second referendum, which she has previously criticised for being “too divisive”.
The Labour MP admitted: “I’ve been on a journey in relation to a public vote. At the start of this process, I was very against the idea.
“But, now, after three years, with the drama and pantomime antics of this Tory government, we are facing a no deal."
She continued: “The only option that we’ve got now is to let the people decide. That is what our party position is. It has to be put to the public, any deal.
"That is our position we win a general election. Equally, it should be the position if we are faced with an unelected Tory Prime Minister whose deal could be damaging to our economy."
Her remarks were immediately picked up by Remainers online, who lauded her for "finally coming around" to the referendum idea.
One tweeted: "Remainers need allies like this."
Another said: "Even Long-Bailey wants a referendum now. It's on!"
A third commented: "All right. This is serious now. If Long Bailey is saying this Labour is now actually ready to push for a referendum."
Following similar remarks from Sir Keir Starmer and even shadow chancellor John McDonnell this week, there is mounting pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to act.
Sir Keir pledged this week that Labour would do "whatever it takes" to stop a no deal Brexit at the end of the month.
The pro-Remain MPs who want to attach a referendum have proposed having the second public vote by March, thwarting proposals for an October exit.
Earlier on Sunday, Jeremy Corbyn cautioning against the idea of attaching a referendum to Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal at next Saturday’s emergency sitting of parliament.
Mr Corbyn said: "I think many in parliament, not necessarily Labour MPs but others, might be inclined to support it, because they don’t really agree with the deal – but I would caution them on this."
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