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Eskom warns citizens of possible load-shedding on short notice

James Edward

Nov. 05, 2019

- Eskom has issued a warning that while load-shedding was not 'expected', there is a high possibility of power cuts on short notice
- Citing technical difficulties, the power utility urged citizens to prepare themselves in the event of shortages
- The embattled state-owned entity is expected to announce its new CEO soon
Eskom says that the 'unexpected loss' of some generation units has left its system 'severely constrained'.
In a statement on the current situation, the struggling utility revealed that the costly route of using water and diesel has been taken after the breakdown of the units.
The state-owned entity says that while load-shedding is 'not expected', the loss may result in power cuts on short notice.
Commenting on the incident, Eskom attempted to summarise the challenges it faces keeping the lights on:
9 500MW of power has been removed from the grid as the result of the breakdowns, forcing 'emergency resources' to be utilised in order to meet supply demands.
The Citizen reports that Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan had commented on Eskom's challenges, saying that:
In other news, Briefly.co.za reported that R5 million worth of furniture meant to furnish workers' dwellings had mysteriously disappeared.
While the utility has admitted to failing in the project to provide Kusile workers with accommodation, no case of theft has been opened with the authorities.
Eskom is expected to announce its new CEO soon, replacing Jabu Mabuza , who had presided in the position in the interim.
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