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Joe Scarborough: Trump's Got the Reverse Midas Touch


Nov. 06, 2019

Joe Scarborough picked a good day to return from a brief vacation, as the consistent critic of President Donald Trump had, what the Morning Joe co-host called, “three strikes” against the president in the form of news that broke over the past 24 hours.
The bad news for Trump came in the form of overnight election results that saw the once “purple” state of Virginia turn completely blue, as well as the apparent defeat of the Republican Governor of Kentucky, despite a five-point lead in the polls before Trump showed up Monday night for a political rally. The last strike? Revised testimony from EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland that strongly suggests the quid pro quo that lays at the center of the current impeachment inquiry.
It is not unfair to describe Scarborough’s anti-Trump harangue as a thorough and ruthless taunting of the sitting president (who occasionally tunes in to Morning Joe. )
“Think about it, if you’re Donald Trump you’re waking up this morning,” he said, then turning to the potential White House viewer adding “and you know Donald, Donald come here. Get a little closer.” Co-host Mika Brzezinski added “He likes to say he doesn’t watch,” after which Scarborough noted “But he’s watching. Donald.”
Morning Joe viewers likely delighted in watching Scarborough viciously lay into the president.
After producers showed a graphic of poll numbers showing the incumbent Kentucky governor up five percentage points just before Trump visited Lexington in support,  Scarborough said “Donald, look at that. I know you don’t like reading, Donald, but look. That stands for Republican. He had 52% before you went and did that rally for him, and he got those poor folks wearing that shirt that said read the transcript when the piece of paper itself said this is not a transcript.” He then added “Donald, this is not working for you. You should just stay home and watch like those cage fights, right?”
“This is what happened after you showed up in Kentucky. Donald, my friend, you lost the state for Republicans,” he made clear, finishing with “It’s the reverse Midas touch.”
Watch above via MSNBC.
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