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Severe Weather Preparedness Day: November can be volatile

Martine Kallimbu

Nov. 07, 2019

MACON, Ga. — November 6th is Fall Severe Weather Preparedness Day in Georgia. While most of Georgia's severe weather occurs in the springtime, November typically sees some uptick in severe weather activity.
The change of the seasons from summer to fall typically brings an overlap of ingredients that are necessary from severe weather. This time of year, the Gulf of Mexico is still warm and still sends warm, moist, unstable air our way. Combine the instability with increasing wind shear from stronger cold fronts and stronger jet stream winds, and severe weather becomes a possibility.
Central Georgia has seen one tornado this fall, but that was associated with Tropical Storm Nestor. There have not been any tornadoes this fall associated with the change of seasons, but it's something we'll watch going forward.
In the meantime, take the day to go over your severe weather plans. If you are new to central Georgia, learn your county's name and where it is located on a map. Also, learn the counties to your west and southwest, the direction that severe weather usually moves in from. Knowing this information will help when warnings are issued and could save your life.
Have a way to receive warnings. A weather radio or the 13WMAZ News App are two great ways to do just that.
With your family, discuss where you should seek shelter in your home when a tornado warning is issued. Remember, lowest level, interior room, away from windows and doors.
Have an emergency kit prepared for your house. That should include 1 gallon of water per person per day, food for at least 3 days, a radio, can opener, batteries, and first aid kit. This will be helpful for severe weather, and also winter weather that may result in loss of power for an extended period of time.
In Georgia, severe weather is a possibility year round. The springtime is our most active severe weather seasons, but November storm systems are no joke. Always remain weather aware!
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