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UNT President Responds to Legal Staff Using Racial Epithet


Nov. 08, 2019

Published 3 minutes ago | Updated 2 minutes ago
The University of North Texas President Neal Smatresk released a statement Thursday night after a member of the school's legal staff used a racial epithet during a panel discussion on campus.
The UNT school newspaper reports that Caitlin Sewell, the UNT System assistant general counsel said the n-word during a "When Hate Comes to Campus" event on campus.
An audio recording was provided to NBC 5 by Mikaela Craig.
In the recording, Sewell is heard saying "If I said something offensive… you know, you can say a lot of offensive things in here because it’s impossible to talk about the First Amendment without saying horrible things," Sewell said. “Um, you know, ‘You’re just a dumb n—-r and I hate you.’ That alone, that’s protected speech.”
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The UNT President later released a statement on Twitter saying "During the "When Hate Comes to Campus" panel discussion this evening, a member of the UNT Systems legal staff used a racial epithet that was not reflective of the values of our university community. While the individual was trying to make a point about First Amendment speech, this language is never condoned in our community which prides itself on our diversity and caring nature."
The UNT Student Government Association also tweeted Thursday night that it will be releasing a detailed statement on Friday, elaborating on their demands of action.
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