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What To Do When You Send An Accidental Text To The Wrong Person


Dec. 03, 2019

First, take heart that sending an accidental text to the wrong person is a common thing. You’re not the first, you certainly won’t be the last. But it doesn’t really help the fact that you’re about to have an all out friendship war on your hands.
It’s not the greatest idea to suddenly go offline and stop messaging everyone. It makes you look super-guilty and doesn’t help matters at all. The best advice is the hardest route. Own up and apologize. Who knows, actually telling your accidental text friend why you said what you said could sort out an issue that has been brewing for a while.
What if they never speak to you again. Well, that’s a possibility, for sure, but hopefully your friendship will be strong enough to be able to survive such knocks.
Despite that heart-stopping moment when you realized you send an accidental text to the wrong person, are there any instances in which this type of text could be beneficial?
Actually, yes!
~Scooper Original
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