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MEN STAY WARNED! Here Is What Blue Balls Mean That Affect Most Men


Dec. 06, 2019

Simply put, when a guy gets aroused and retains his heightened state of arousal *a huge erection* for a considerable period of time, his testicles could start to hurt.
This painful sensation that a guy experiences when he’s aroused but unable to ejaculate is known as blue balls.
If you’re in bed with your guy and dry humping him or teasing him for a while, he may get blue balls. And he may even convincingly tell you that the only way to make it go away is by having s3x.
Have you ever fallen for that excuse to have s3x?
There are no clear and visible signs or symptoms of blue balls, and almost all the time, all the proof you have is his word. But just so you know, he may not always be faking it.
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