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These Three New WhatsApp Features Will Change Your Life


Dec. 18, 2019

WhatsApp has recently added three new features in its latest update that keeps people talking on how good the app could be
The popular app received new features in the last couple of weeks available for all Android and iPhone user.
Here are three new features available in the new WhatsApp update:
WhatsApp reminders
Many people do not know that they can use WhatsApp to issue them with reminders. The app now allows users to create and receive reminders within the chatting client.
WhatsApp call waiting
If you are always using WhatsApp in making calls, then you should love this feature because you will be able to be notified when someone else is calling you while you are on another call.
The new call waiting update is available for both iPhone and Android.
WhatsApp group chat invites
All WhatsApp have now been granted with the ability to choose on who can and can’t immediately throw them into group chats. This is the feature that many people have been waiting for and finally it is here.
It is now not possible to be just added into a group chat you have no intention of contributing to but don’t want to leave and make things awkward. With the new update, you are now the boss.
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