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Stunning truth about Melania Trump revealed by childhood friends from Slovenia

Kennedy Kimathi

Jan. 11, 2020

MELANIA TRUMP was born in Novo Mesto in what is now Slovenia in 1970, moving to the US in 1996.
She would marry Donald Trump in 2005, becoming First Lady when his term as President began in January 2017. BBC News interviewed some of her acquittances to find out what she was like in Slovenia. Jerca Santej, an artist and childhood friend of Mrs Trump said: “She was around 16, she started thinking (about) what she she will do when she grows up.
“So, she tried to be a designer.
“She had a straight idea and that’s unbelievable for such a young girl, so I know that she will make something special.”
Nina Bedek, another childhood friend, now a teacher added: “She was always a very humble girl and she never spoke about wanting to be fashion model but she knew she wanted to be part of the fashion industry.
“I always knew our town was too small for her, Melania would look forward to seeing the fashion magazine’s her mother would bring home and I knew she wanted to see the world.”
Mrs Trump moved to Sevnica and grew up there.
She was discovered whilst waiting for a friend.
Fashion photographer Stane Jerko explained: “I was leaving a fashion show and I saw her by a fence outside the hall.
“She immediately caught my eye because she was very tall, slim, she had perfect dimensions and she was really very beautiful."
She would latter study architecture and design at the University of Ljubljana for a year before dropping out after which she modelled for fashion houses in Paris and Milan.
Mrs Trump’s arrival in the US was on a visitor’s visa but she soon claimed a work visa.
In 2000, she was given permanent residency.
She obtained US citizenship in 2006.
Mrs Trump was the first FLOTUS to be a naturalised citizen.
She also also the second after Louisa Adams to be born outside the US.
Mrs Adams, wife of John Quincy Adams was born in London to an American father and English mother.
Indeed, the Adams’ met and married in Tower Hill.
Mrs Trump has one son, Barron born in 2006.
Barron was Mr Trump’s third son.
He had two, Donald Junior and Eric by his first wife, Ivanna, with whom he had his first daughter, Ivanka .
With his second wife, Marla Maples, he had a second daughter, Tiffany Trump.
Trump has 10 grandchildren.
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