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Instagram Brings You These New Features


Jan. 14, 2020

Instagram just made things more interesting as they have introduced unique features and filters to make users' Insta stories and posts more happening and creative.
The social platform has now introduced Boomerang filter with a bunch of new features.
The new feature includes SlowMo, Echo, and Duo, along with a new latest option to trim the length of your Boomerang stories.
When using SlowMo feature, Boomerang videos are slowed to half their original speed while the Echo creates a double vision effect.
You can now trim and adjust the length of the recorded Boomerangs with new filters available in the Boomerang option, which can be accessed in the Instagram Stories camera.
To access these new effects just open the Story camera, swipe over to "Boomerang" on the carousel, then tap the shutter button or hold it down and let go. And if you don’t see these features, simply go to your Google Play Store or Apple's App Store and update to the latest version of Instagram.
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