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Amazon delivery driver chased by little brown dog: Brecksville Police Blotter


Jan. 15, 2020

Personal injury, Greystone Parkway: On Dec. 15, police were dispatched to a Greystone Parkway address regarding a man who hurt his knee while running from a dog.
An arriving officer talked to the injured party, who was an Amazon delivery driver. The man said he observed a small brown dog in the driveway. As he approached the home to make a delivery, the dog charged him. So he took off running through yards and the street.
Eventually the fast pooch caught him. The canine bit him in the back of his right ankle, but didn’t leave a mark.
At that point a passerby in a truck honked the horn and yelled at the dog, which ran away. The delivery driver said while he was running away he twisted his knee.
He was currently in pain. The officer did locate a small dog at the residence in question; however, the driver said it wasn’t the aggressive canine. The driver returned to his route.
The case was turned over to the animal warden.
Recovered property, Brecksville Road: On Dec. 24, the owner of a Brecksville Road car wash business came to the police station to turn in a found license plate.
The officer said the owner often finds plates and turns them into the police department. It turned out this particular plate owned by a Brecksville resident was entered into LEADS as stolen by the Independence Police Department.
The officer did reach out to the owner about the found plate.
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