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Picture: Volcano erupts while couple take their wedding photos


Jan. 15, 2020

All wedding photos are beautiful, but some leave a more lasting impression than others - like this one!
An unforgettable moment made a couple's wedding day extra special.
According to CNN , a couple got married 16 kilometres from the Taal volcano.
The couple knew about the erupted volcano and the photographer regularly checked social media updates to see when the volcano would erupt.
"We were actually nervous because while working, we kept on checking social media for updates on the volcanic eruption," photographer Randolf Evan told CNN .
On the wedding day,  the volcano began emitting huge plumes of smoke, covering the surrounding area in a blanket of ash.
The unexpected photo surprised everyone - and Breakfast with Martin Bester absolutely loves the photo.
*The couple's photographer, Randolf Evan , captured the wedding.
Do you have an unexpected wedding photo or photo which still surprises you?
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