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Best Free Password Manager To Secure Your Password For 2020


Jan. 17, 2020

You need strong passwords to help secure your devices, online banking accounts and other data sources from unauthorized access.
Password managers are important because managing different password for so many accounts might be a difficult task.
Weak passwords are a cakewalk for hackers who can easily crack into your accounts by using brute force techniques.
A password manger is an app that keeps your password safe and simplifies your life.
Having a password manager, this means that all of your credentials are encrypted with a master password and all you need is just to remember the master password.
Here are some of the best free password managers you need to try out:
·         Norton Password Manager
·         Dashlane
·         LastPass
·         Sticky Password
·         Zoho Vault
·         Keepass
·         SplashID
·         RoboForm
·         LogMeOnce
·         Enpass Password Manager
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