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High Court Dismisses Former Employee’s Libel Suit Against Eunisell Ltd


Jan. 18, 2020

An Abuja High Court has dismissed a defamation case filed against Eunisell Limited and two others. The suit, filed by Kenneth Amadi, a former employee, and two others, was thrown out in its entirety with costs awarded in favour of the defendants. The 1st Claimant, Amadi, a former employee of Eunisell, had approached the court for alleged defamation against him and sought special damages from the defendants. Amadi is alleged to have obtained the sum of N2.9 billion belonging to Eunisell, under false pretences with intent to defraud the company. Eunisell petitioned the police, seeking their intervention and investigation, against the background of Amadi’s suspected criminal misconduct, whilst he was in their employ. Amadi complained that the action of his former employer affected his credibility and sought redress. But Justice Jude Okeke, of The High Court of Justice, held that, “upon a calm consideration of the contents of the circumstances of the Defendants’ claims against the conducts of Amadi, the 1st Claimant, the respectful view that the defendants, as the then employers.”
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