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Photos: What Will Happen If Skirts Are Allowed In NYSC

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Jan. 18, 2020

A goup known as Serve With Skirts Movement wants skirts included in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), uniform.
According to the group "female corps members wearing trousers evoke immorality in the camps".
Frank Ofili, however, toed a different line, "I think skirt would pretty much do the same thing. Or may be even worse. What with all these micro-mini skirts assaulting our sensibilities everywhere?
"In fact, I fear that skirt may be worse. What stops a female corps member from not wearing pant beneath her skirt? Or wearing a g-string beneath her micro-skirt in the name of freedom?
"Exactly what is wrong with female corps members wearing trousers? The other point that non-inclusion of skirts denies female corps members their right to wear whatever they want doesn't cut it.
"Female Army or Naval officers compulsorily wear trousers without the option of skirts. If they can wear trousers without evoking immorality, or without making noise that it denies them their right, why not corps members?
"I think this group should shut up. Immorality is a product of personal attitude. It is the attitude of the undisciplined. If you are a disciplined lady you can wear trousers without evoking immorality, or being immoral yourself.
"I bet that if trousers were not the standard uniform for NYSC members, there would be one or two groups agitating for it to included for the same reasons advanced for the inclusion of skirts.
"So make we hear word abeg. Your personal rights cannot override national policy. After all, you only have to wear the trousers for less than a year", Ofili noted.
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