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4 Things Suleiman's father Say Must Be Met Before Janine Married him


Jan. 19, 2020

The father of the child who was followed by a US to Nigeria said Monday he will appear before the SSS on the matter.
The Dabo FM report said the teen's father, a former police officer, said he had agreed to the marriage but had to fulfill four conditions.
On Saturday morning, Mr. Isa said, "The authorities must order that it is not a problem. As a former security officer I know what I am saying, so on Monday I will go and see chief Security SSS and discuss with him.
The second condition is that Suleiman should be allowed to finish his schooling when they arrived the United States.
The third condition is that suleiman must remain in the religion of Islam. “Even though she agrees, maybe she too, will also be a Muslim soon.
The last thing is that Janine Sanchez has to get her written consent from her parents because her religion does not allow a woman to marry herself.
In a few weeks, Janine Sanchez will return to California in the United States to prepare for her wedding with her Panshekara parent in Kano in March.
On the other hand, the couple's invited by Hisba Board to discuss.
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