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How To Clean The Hardware Of Your Laptop


Jan. 19, 2020

 Cleaning your laptop regularly is very important so as to allow proper air flow and thus improve PC efficiency.
Dust can build-up and prevent your PC from properly cooling down, and heat can even cause damage to your hardware.
One thing you need to notice is that before beginning to clean your laptop, make sure that it is shut down and disconnected from the power source.
If you want to clean it from the inside, first unscrew the back panel of the laptop and preview your laptop’s manual or online before you open your laptop for the first time. You can use compressed air to blast your laptop’s internals from the center of your laptop to its vents and make sure you’re blowing the dust out of the case of your laptop, not just bringing it inside.
If you want to clean the keyboard, you can also spray the compressed air can between the keys to remove all the dirt and clean the keyboard gently with a water-dampened microfiber cloth. 
When cleaning the screen, just fold a dampened microfiber cloth with a solution for computer screen cleaning and massage it gently in a circular motion across the screen.
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