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3 Apps To Use To Track Spending

Henri Allotey

Jan. 21, 2020

We are in the third week of 2020 and for most of us last year, we mostly find ourselves either overspending or generally losing track of our spending. Well in this article we would be looking at some apps that would help us keep track of our spending.
Wallet: Just like we use a wallet to keep our money together, this app helps us keep our sources of money and spending altogether. It has support for some banks which allows it to reflect automatically if you make a deposit or redraw money from your account. It can actually help you set saving targets and budgets
MoneyWise: this app also helps record expenses and its even put in categories like transport, savings, food, utility bills, etc. This app is free to download but you have to buy a premium version to get more features out of the app.
 Spending Tracker: this app just like the others allows you to input your spending on a daily or monthly basis and it sums it up for you at the end of the month. This is a free app to download and it allows you to customize the interface based on the categories you have set according to your spending areas.
Which of these apps have you used? Do you have more suggestions? Tell us in the comment section
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