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How I dealt With My Cheating Girlfriend- Man Narrates Story

Abdul mujeer ansari

Jan. 21, 2020

I loved her with my whole heart. I did not have much then but the little pocket money my parents gave me i would give her and drink garri and beans in Hall 4 with my friends. I was satisfied with the hailing i got from my friends when she came to visit. Later that year i graduated and then went for service. Came back from NYSC to Benin because i wanted to be close to her and started to do one small teaching job.
Things were hard and i could not do much for my girl because my salary was small. But i gave her a large part of the small salary, even more than i gave my parents. I planned to marry her so nothing was too much for a lady i loved.
A few years later she graduated while luck smiled on me and i got a job with NPDC at Sapele Road. I proposed to her and she accepted. I was excited and told my colleagues at work and showed them my girls picture. It was then one of them told me that he has been seeing my girlfriend with a popular Politician for a few years at Best Western Hotel in Benin. I did not believe. But by weekend, he showed me video proof. I was heart broken and ashamed so i decided to deal with her.
I told her that in preparation for the wedding i wanted to renovate her fathers house before time for the wedding because my bosses will be attending. The renovation will include painting the house and changing the roof. She told her father and he was happy. After agreeing on price to re-roof the house, I gave the carpenters money to start the project by first removing the roof. When i was sure they have removed the roof completely, I resigned and relocated to the Uk. I heard her father disowned her for removing the roof of his house. I am happy now. Love is a scam
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