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A 10 years old girl is beefing me


Jan. 22, 2020

I'm someone who gets along great with kids, (especially those in my former neighborhood). There is this particular family whose kids always come around, and they have a 10 year old who happens to be one of my favourites.
When she is around with her older siblings, I play with her and she lets me hold her. In fact, we get along great! Last week, they were at my place, and her older sibling volunteered to run an errand for me. The 10 year old wanted to go with her, but I objected.
That was my undoing! As soon as the sister stepped out, the kid became furious with me, and wouldn't let me touch her. When I tried, she kept screaming that I should leave her alone. I held her hands and tried talking to her, but she wriggled out of my grip. I must confess that I was amazed at her strength, which was like a 22 years old.
Hours passed, and I thought her anger had died. I made an attempt to touch her, but she kept screaming: "Leave me alone". They eventually left and I forgot about it.
A week passed and they came by yesterday, but to my greatest shock, she was still mad at me. All my efforts to bond with her was met with a stiff resistance, and she kept saying: " Leave me alone". I asked the sister what she thinks of her behavior, and she said the kid gets angry easily at home and her anger can last for days.
That revelation didn't go down well with me, and I have been pondering what on earth would make a kid act that way? Gone are those days when kids are usually sweet and innocent. No matter how much you discipline them, they still warm up to you.
I guess a lot is going on and the change has also affected our kids. If a little kid is overly sensitive in her ways, then what should be expected of an adult?
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