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BREAKING: Kylie Jenner's Assistant, Victoria Villarroel, QUITS!

Ade, son of Ade

Jan. 22, 2020

Victoria has been working for the Kardashian family since 2012 when she was an intern for Kris Jenner’s “Jenner Communications”. In 2015 she was “promoted” to become Kylie’s full-time assistant. At the time, Victoria was 23 and Kylie was just turning 18. She was featured a lot in Kylie’s Snapchat reality show, “Life of Kylie”.Now, 5 years later, Victoria and Kylie are leaving on good terms. A source said, “Victoria wants to be an influencer in her own right and is focusing on that now.
source: youtube.com
Victoria doesn’t have any photos of Kylie on her page at all. Until her most recent post last night, once she officially told Kylie she was leaving the position as her assistant. So while Victoria is changing career paths so she can post about sugar bear hair gummy vitamins, I’m left wondering what Kylie is going to do! Who is she going to bring as a plus 1 to her older sister’s ex’s new girlfriend’s birthday party? Who will take her Insta-thot pictures of her in her undies?
source: youtube.com
Well, I’m sure Kylie will be just fine when she gets another assistant. And if you think you have what it takes, go find that listing online! I’m sure it’s up on LinkedIn or Indeed or something like that. Just make sure that you meet the qualifications, which are a strong selfie game, Chill beach vibes and sticking to a weird eating schedule. No questions asked. But above anything else, Kylie values loyalty. Especially after her whole Jordyn debocal last year.
source: youtube.com
She only keeps her closest, most trustworthy friends around. So if you’re looking to be Kylie’s newest assistant, you might need to already have an in with the family. They say it’s all about who you know! And I guess that’s especially true when you know the Kardashians. Would you guys want to be Kylie’s assistant? What kind of stuff do you think that you would have to do? Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. And then click the subscribe button below if you want to stay up to date on anything going on with Kylie’s staff. We’ll give you some step by step instructions on how to get there if we hear any more.
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