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Dark mode comes to Android in latest WhatsApp beta update


Jan. 22, 2020

Everyone and their grandmother has been jumping on the dark mode bandwagon. Even Twitter was forced to rethink what “dark mode” really is and update its app accordingly.
Heck, Android now offers an easy way to enforce a system-wide dark mode instead of relying on themes and other crude user optimization methods that have been employed in the past.
Dark “modes” and themes are popular with users because they not only go easy on the eyes but also, for those with devices with AMOLED displays, they go easy on their battery as well in addition to standing out, aesthetically.
Another option which is not available in the build I am testing on my phone – since it is on Android 10 already – but which is available on devices running Android 9 Pie and previous versions, “Set by Battery Saver”, when selected, will automatically switch to a light or dark theme (most dark) in order to conserve battery.
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