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DON'T MISS THIS: Actors Who Were Nauseated Kissing One Another On Screen

Ade, son of Ade

Jan. 22, 2020

Many films go down in history not for their plotlines, but for their steamy A-list make-out sessions. When done well, those passionate movie moments produce some of the most, uh, intense emotions known to mankind. 
source: youtube.com
But there are many magical movie scenes that took a lot more determination, dedication, and patience to nail than most theater-goers could ever imagine. While they may seem like the ultimate fantasy flings to fans, here are the stars who hated kissing each other on-screen...Joanna Lumley | Kate Winslet | Rupert Grint | Dane Cook | Helena Bonham Carter | Thandie Newton | Orlando Bloom & Zoe Saldana | Alyson Hannigan | Jennifer Lawrence | 5:59Tobey Maguire | Reese Witherspoon | Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams | Alec Baldwin | Tony Curtis. 
source: youtube.com
Watch the full video here: 
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