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INTERESTING: This Clown Couple Reveals - We Love Having 'Clown S3x'

Ade, son of Ade

Jan. 22, 2020

A Couple who live as full-time clowns have decided to spice up their love life by inviting a third partner into their relationship. Loch Jester and Miss Candy, met two and a half years ago on a clown fetish website when Loch Jester was searching for clown girls for his circus burlesque group. 
source: youtube.com
The couple, from Southern California, have started touring the country as musical performers and as well as working together, they also live together in their clown van. Loch Jester and Miss Candy say that living as full-time clowns has brought them closer. The two love everything about the clown lifestyle and would be in their outfits when they are out in public.
source: youtube.com
Watch the full video now: 
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