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WOW: Rwanda To Cancel Visa Fees For Over 90 Countries

Judith Abani

Jan. 22, 2020

News reaching Scooper Rwanda is that the country intends to scrap visa fees for those belonging to the Commonwealth, African Union and La Francophone. This was announced by the President during his speech at the International School for Government at King’s College in London yesterday, January 21, 2020.
“We’re soon considering exempting citizens of the Commonwealth, as well as the African Union and the Francophone from paying visa fees when entering Rwanda,” President Kagame revealed. According to him, this will make it easy for people to visit Rwanda.
From the report gathered, about 95 countries are set to benefit from this. Not only will it allow easy access into Rwanda, but it will also increase Rwanda’s chance of organizing more global summits and make it easy for Rwandans to travel to other countries.
“The timing is good. Britain is looking to re-imagine its global trade and investment arrangements. And later this year, the world’s largest new free trade area will become operational in Africa, covering nearly the entire continent,” he added.
Rwanda is set to host the 26th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in June 2020. The President has thus defined the Commonwealth as “a community of values, with continued relevance for today’s world.” Speaking on how Rwanda has progressed these past few years, he mentioned factors such as urgency, unity and self-reliance.
“The undeniable progress we have seen in Rwanda is the result of applying these principles to the challenges we faced. The most important part was for citizens themselves to be part of the process ensuring that they benefit from public policy,” he added.
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