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How To Use Beer For Healthy Hair

Wama KE

Jan. 23, 2020

Whenever the topic of beer comes up, it’s associated with parties and fun times. When you’ve had a long day and want to hang out with your friends after work, beer is usually a go-to option. When you’re having a get together on the weekend with your loved ones, you might enjoy a selection of the finest beers. While beer is definitely a party starter, experts have discovered other uses for it including hair care. It might sound odd but beer has amazing properties that could help you maintain healthy hair. It has proteins, silica, vitamin B and other amazing components that are good for your hair. Beer is able to balance your scalp pH. and repair your hair cuticles while adding shine and volume at the same time. The protein content is also essential for hair strengthening and this is another plus for using beer. So how exactly do you use beer for hair care? Here’s how.
Plain beer rinse
One of the most effective ways to use beer for hair is using it as a rinse. The first step is to let the beer lie open for a couple of hours in order to decarbonate it. Afterwards, you’ll need to wash your hair as usual and condition, although it’s not always necessary, then follow up with your decarbonated beer. Let the beer sit in your hair for 15-20 minutes while massaging through a little, then rinse it out.
Moisture beer mask
This is another way to get most out of beer whenever you use it. It’s essential for this moisture treatment especially when you add egg yolk to the mixture. Boil the beer for around 15 minutes to break down the alcohol in it. Once you let it cool down, add an egg yolk and mix well. After washing your hair, apply the mixture and sit under a dryer for 20-30 minutes to give it time to activate. The powerful combination of the egg yolk and beer can really transform your hair to give it moisture, volume and shine.
Clarifying beer shampoo
Using beer as a clarifying shampoo is also another way to keep your scalp clean and healthy. In this process, you’ll also need to boil the beer for at least 10 minutes in order to remover the alcohol in it. Alcohol tends to dry out the hair so eliminating that will be more beneficial. Once it has cooled down, add your usual shampoo to the mixture and use it the way you’d normally shampoo on any other day. Rinse it off when done and that’s it.
Key things to know
While using beer it is important to know whether you’re using it effectively or not. Use this checklist to confirm you are doing it right.
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