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Safety checks being carried out along Sarawak-Sabah interstate gas pipeline

Naomi Mulbah

Jan. 23, 2020

MIRI: Safety checks are being carried out along the Sarawak-Sabah interstate gas pipeline route after repair works were done at a section that exploded earlier this month in Ulu Baram.
The safety works include releasing gas along the route that may result in loud sounds, resembling an explosion.
Petronas, which manages the pipeline, has issued a notice to all villages of the matter.
The Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department has also received a notice from Petronas.
"Petronas has stationed its officials to ensure the safety of villagers during the checks," said Sarawak Bomba in its latest updates.
The notice said the safety checks will be from Thursday (Jan 23) until the end of this month.
On Jan 12, a section of the RM4bil Sarawak-Sabah interstate gas pipeline caught fire and exploded in the remote jungles of the Baram district.
The 1.50am incident happened near Long Kawa - a Penan settlement located about eight hours by timber road from Miri city.
Long Kawa is located inside the Telang Usan state constituency.
This case is the fourth such explosion/fire incident along the Sarawak side of the transboundary pipeline.
On May 8 last year, a fire occurred at the gas-pipeline near the remote Long Segemang village in Lawas district in northernmost Sarawak.
The fire did not result in any explosion or injuries.
Long Lawa and Long Segemang are among the many villages where the gas-pipeline snakes through from its starting point in Kimanis in Sabah to Bintulu in northern Sarawak.
On Jan 10,2018, there was also an explosion along the section of the giant pipeline near the Long Luping settlement located adjacent the Sarawak-Sabah border.
After Long Luping, there are populated settlements of Long Semadoh and Long Sukang and then the Lawas hinterland where the pipes connect to the Baram side then towards Miri and Bintulu.
The pipeline is to channel gas from Kimanis in interior Sabah to Bintulu port in northern Sarawak for processing and export.
The entire length of the pipeline snaking through the rural frontiers is 600km long.
The first fire was on June 11,2014 in the hills of Lawas district when a leak happened at a section of the pipeline. No injuries were reported in the 2014 explosion.
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