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Tips For Protecting Your Social Media Privacy


Feb. 05, 2020

Social networking has taken over the world of communication and sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have become digital billboards for millions of internet users around the world.
 But how safe is your personal information shared on social media platforms? You must understand that some of your personal information goes outside your trusted circle of friends and relatives once shared on social media.
Then how do you protect your social media privacy? First you need to read social media site’s terms and conditions before sharing any information on the platform.
Some sites provide privacy rights that you have to follow and you should ensure that your permission choices are right for you.
You should NOT share your private information like your name and address on your social media platform because you never know how a stalker or cybercriminals might use that information to their advantage.
You should also be careful about posting photos on social media sites because you might be revealing too much information in what you thought was a harmless photo.
You should consider adjusting your social media privacy settings that will help you to be mindful on who will be able see the information you share on social sites.
Get to know what kind of personal data social media sites do store and share to third-parties so as to understand what to share and what not to share.
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