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BREAKING: Another police officer involved in Kaduna raid dies


Feb. 08, 2020

The Nigeria police force has lost another officer who was included within the strike on Ansaru aggressor group’s camp in Kaduna state.
AbdulMajeed Ali, deputy inspector-general of police (operation), disclosed this when he visited officers injured within the attack in Kaduna on Friday.
He said the officer, whom he named as Idris, kicked the bucket on Friday morning of wounds supported amid the mission.
Idris is the second constable to have passed on from the operation.
The police prior declared the passing of an officer recognized as Muhammed Abubakar.
Thirteen officers were injured within the operation in which 250 bandits were slaughtered.
Mba, police spokesman  said among those slaughtered were Haruna Basullube, “one of the foremost needed ruffians in Nigeria” as well as a “notorious” commander of the activists recognized as Bashir Leta.
The police said whereas the invasion would proceed, a group of criminologists and extraordinary scientific examiners have been sent to speed up examinations into the “broad criminal enterprise” of Ansaru activists and their partners.
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